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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Sherrie Moreland who was born in Texas on August 01, 1984 and passed away on July 29, 2000 at the age of 15, just 3 days before her 16th birthday. We will remember her forever.

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Sending my Love to a beatiful Angel   / Carol Ragsdale (Mom's GP Friend )
  Sherrie I found this on the web and I thought of you and your mom.  What a true blessing she shares to the hearts of others through the love that the 2 of you share.  Norma you were in my thoughts and prayers as Thanksgiving Day...  Continue >>
Comfort  / Terri Munoz (Aunt)
Jehovah blessed our lives with sure a tue blessing as Sherri and she was taken away in death so early in life. But we draw comfort knowing that we will be able to see her again in Paradise at resurrection. We look forward to the day when this old sys...  Continue >>
Thinking of Sherrie and her family~   / Jessica Cruz
Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you all- I hope all is well with everyone-
S-strong, my girl was always so damn strong! H-hero, not only mine but her little brother, Marshall E-enlightened, she was always so enlightened, even in her darker times of sadness and sorrow. R-rare, Sherrie's personality of an old soul is rare....  Continue >>
In honor of Sherrie Raeanna Moreland~I  / Norma Foote (Mother)    Read >>
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Keeping you in my prayers  / Jessica Cruz     Read >>
Prayers and blessings  / Karen Jenkins     Read >>
Thinking of you  / Jessica Cruz     Read >>
Celebration of LIfe  / Terrie Whiteman (friend)    Read >>
From my heart  / Jessica Cruz     Read >>
I miss you Sherrie!  / Natalie G. (best friend in high school )    Read >>
Love is............  / Mom     Read >>
Sherrie / Vitaliy (Friend of Norma at GP group )    Read >>
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Her legacy
From Mom  
Sherrie, was a very compassionate young girl. She cared very deeply for family.
I feel very honored to have been chosen to be her mother here on earth.
She loved Chicken Soup for the Soul and used to write very touching poems.
She liked cheesecake and sopapillas and made the best spaghetti. When we are feeling down, she sends us signs like the song I hope you dance by Leann Womack.
Sherrie, loved children. She wanted to grow up and be a child therapist.
She was also a hopeless romantic and she loved from her head to her baby blue toenails. Her favorite color was baby blue and as a toddler would sing a song "baby blue" by George Strait. I absolutely loved her as a toddler it was very challenging, Sherrie as a toddler used to sleep walk. She was very fiesty and a fighter, at the same time she learned to roll with the punches.
Sherrie ,easily made friends throughout her schooling years, longtime friends.
As a matter of fact, she died visiting one her best friends from grade school.
They grew up together and when her friends parents relocated to Colorado, we knew there would come the time that Sherrie would want to visit. For her 16TH birthday, she asked if we would let her visit her childhood friend in Colorado. I wanted to teach her independence, and of course I wanted her to have a nice birthday. I said yes.
While there, she was on her way with other friends to watch the movie "Perfect Storm" they never made it, the driver pulled into an oncoming car and was hit broadsided and nobody else was but sweet little
Sherrie was killed while riding on the back of a pickup, she was ejected while riding in the back of the pickup. She hit head first on a guard rail and was in a coma for a week. I never imagined coming home without my baby. I did.
Knowing Sherrie and the selfless person that she grew up to be we were asked for an organ donation, we considered that and Yes! we knew that Sherrie would want us to help someone either stay alive or live a better quality of life. We did donate her organs. A total of 7 people's life were saved because of her donation.
I have a continued connection with sherrie, it is a very spiritual connection.
I know that I will miss her for the rest of my life, and I will never get over the death of Sherrie, I will only get a little better. In honor of her life, and in her absence, I try to live a life well lived, good or bad. I no longer sweat the small stuff and it's true, everything is small stuff. Sherrie, continues to educate me from the otherside. I no longer fear to love and love from my head to my toes. I no longer fear death. I try not to take my husband and son as well as my surviving daughter and grandchildren for granted. I learned what is really important in life and it's people first and then things!
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