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A friend like her.....  / Stephanie Guzman-sears (bestfriend)  Read >>
A friend like her.....  / Stephanie Guzman-sears (bestfriend)
Sherrie......  Where should i start she was or should i say is my BEST FRIEND and i dont think i'll ever find a True friend like her.  When she first left us i went through a really tough time forgiving myself for the longest time and at times still do, i blame myself.  If i would of have never convinced you mom to stay longer over there you would be with us..  Sherrie i love you so much and i thank god for letting me meet you, you were a great part of my life, you were always there for me when i needed someone to cry on or to talk to.  Sherrie was always standing up for me if she could she would have beat every single person that would hurt my feelings.  You were like a sister to me, my family and i always look back to my 16th birthday when my parents took us all out to eat in mexico and you were eating sea food and drinking virgin pina coladas even though your allergic to pineapple.  I will never forget that day it was funny, even after when you got mad at israel, my dad always reminds me of that incident..  We were each others shikira banana.  Sherrie was such a caring person, i will always have a special place in my heart for you.  I lover you and miss you so much.. and im sorry if i ever hurt you in any way... and i know that at times it feels like i have forgotten you but i havent trust me i think about you most of the time but i know that when you feel like i have you send me a sign to remind me that your still here with me.  And i also want to THANK you for taking care of me from up above.  You are my guardian angel... I LOVE YOU....
Love / Norma Foote (Mom)  Read >>
Love / Norma Foote (Mom)
 When Sherrie first died, I felt cursed by God and the entire universe.
Later, I would learn that it isn't the quanity of your life, but the quality of your life. We all can make a difference in our relationships.
The truth is our time here on earth is limited for everyone. It is up to each and everyone of us to make the most of it with what time we have here on earth.
Live your day as if it was the last one on earth! don't be afraid to tell those that you love, that you do love them! hug them and do something nice for someone.
 Sherrie, wasn't perfect, but she knew that love was very powerful and could heal many wounds. As I continue my journey without her physical presence, I know too well that I am surrounded by her love from the otherside. I learned that I wasn't cursed but blessed by her short time here on earth. Norma Foote~Sherrie's mom Close
(((((Norma))))) / John Plourde ((GP) Danielle's Daddy )  Read >>
(((((Norma))))) / John Plourde ((GP) Danielle's Daddy )
This is a BEAUTIFUL tribute to a BEAUTIFUL & HEAVENLY young lady.
Sherrie will always be alive in your hearts and memories.
How we all wish that our children NEVER needed to be remembered in this way!
I am sure that she will FOREVER watch over you and your loving family.

Love & Peace,
John Close
A Beautiful  / Wendy James' Mom   Read >>
A Beautiful  / Wendy James' Mom
tribute for a beautiful young lady!  Nice to finally meet you Sherrie.  I know you are shining down and sending much love to your dear family.XOXOXO
Sherrie and James our beautiful angels!

Love Wendy, James' Mom Close
Sherrie is proud of this!!!  / Vickey O'NealWoodward (GP Mom to Michelle & David )  Read >>
Sherrie is proud of this!!!  / Vickey O'NealWoodward (GP Mom to Michelle & David )
Norma, Sherrie would probably soooo love this site and be proud of you and of Vanessa.!  Sherrie is a lovely girl, and I'd already felt as though I knew her a little bit because of your writings at GP.  She's a sleepwalker TOO! --my Michelle shares this with Sherrie.  Vanessa, you are quite the sis to do this memorial for your mom.....your baby sister is probably smiling at this loving gift. Close
Beautiful Sherrie  / Linda Lewis (GP Friend )  Read >>
Beautiful Sherrie  / Linda Lewis (GP Friend )
Sherrie was/is a beautiful young lady just like her mother.  Visiting these web sites and seeing such vivacious, gorgeous children eases my thoughts about my own son.  I know that he has a host of "New" friends to share his love with.  Precious as they are/were and as much as we miss their warm hearts and sweet smiles, I know they are happy and peaceful sharing their new found friendships with each other just as we have done here.  God Bless you and your family.  Sherrie is/will always be a part of your heart that will be mended some day.  Love & prayers.
Grant's Mom
The sweetest angel  / Gail (Angel Kristin's Mom )  Read >>
The sweetest angel  / Gail (Angel Kristin's Mom )

    Do you know I had to take a deep breath before opening your website? I knew it would be beautiful and tears were already in my eyes. I have been talking with your mom for about a year now. She has helped me in so many ways. Just listening to her share you and your life and sharing her experiences since you left. I know you and your sister Vanessa are remarkable girls. It shows through your mom everyday. And Marshal looks alot like you. 
   I hope you and Kristin have become great friends. Keep looking after us moms. We sure need it. Even some extra loving on them worst days.  

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam
And for a brief moment its glory and beauty belong to our world
But then it flies again
And though we wish it could have stayed...
We feel lucky to have seen it.


Tribute to Sherrie  / Terrie Whiteman (GP)  Read >>
Tribute to Sherrie  / Terrie Whiteman (GP)
Dear Sherrie,
So glad I finally got to meet you, God Bless You in heaven with the rest of our angels.
Send lots of kisses and signs to your Mom,

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom) Close
Beautiful! / Shelley, Amy's Mom   Read >>
Beautiful! / Shelley, Amy's Mom
What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady!  Happy Birthday Sherrie. Close
Tribute well done . . .  / KAThy Friedberg (friend of mom Norma )  Read >>
Tribute well done . . .  / KAThy Friedberg (friend of mom Norma )

. . . I am sure that Sherrie knows how much she is loved and missed by her family and friends!   

Sherrie / Norma Foote (Mom)  Read >>
Sherrie / Norma Foote (Mom)

Sherrie, was a very compassionate young girl. She cared very deeply for family.
I feel very honored to have been chosen to be her mother here on earth.
She loved Chicken Soup for the Soul and used to write very touching poems.
She liked cheesecake and sopapillas and made the best spaghetti. When we are feeling down, she sends us signs like the song I hope you dance by Leann Womack.
   Sherrie, loved children. She wanted to grow up and be a child therapist.
She was also a hopeless romantic and she loved from her head to her baby blue toenails. Her favorite color was baby blue and as a toddler would sing a song "baby blue" by George Strait. I absolutely loved her as a toddler it was very challenging,  Sherrie as a toddler used to sleep walk.  She was very fiesty and a fighter, at the same time she learned to roll with the punches. 
Sherrie ,easily made friends throughout her schooling years, longtime friends.
As a matter of fact, she died visiting one her best friends from grade school.
They grew up together and when her friends parents relocated to Colorado, we knew there would come the time that Sherrie would want to visit. For her 16TH birthday, she asked if we would let her visit her childhood friend in Colorado. I wanted to teach her  independence, and of course I wanted her to have a nice birthday. I said yes.
While there, she was on her way with other friends to watch the movie "Perfect Storm" they never made it, the driver pulled into an oncoming car and was hit broadsided and nobody else was but sweet little
Sherrie was killed while riding on the back of a pickup, she was ejected while riding in the back of the pickup. She hit head first on a guard rail and was in a coma for a week. I never imagined coming home without my baby. I did. 
Knowing Sherrie and the selfless person that she grew up to be we were asked for an organ donation, we considered that and Yes! we knew that Sherrie would want us to help someone either stay alive or live a better quality of life. We did donate her organs. A total of 7 people's life were saved because of her donation.
I have a continued connection with sherrie, it is a very spiritual connection.
I know that I will miss her for the rest of my life, and I will never get over the death of Sherrie, I will only get a little better. In honor of her life, and in her absence, I try to live a life well lived, good or bad. I no longer sweat the small stuff and it's true, everything is small stuff. Sherrie, continues to educate me from the otherside. I no longer fear to love and love from my head to my toes. I no longer fear death. I try not to take my husband and son as well as my surviving daughter and grandchildren for granted. I learned what is really important in life and it's people first and then things!

Celebration of Joey  / Terrie Whiteman (friend)  Read >>
Celebration of Joey  / Terrie Whiteman (friend)

Dear Sherrie,

I couldn't get thru the other day to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope you had a big party to celebrate your 24th birthday. Don't forget those wonderful signs you send to your Mom.

Love,Terrie & Joey in heaven


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